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Parents & Carers

Opening hours and fees

Our Breakfast Club opens at 7.45am and costs £4.50 per session.

The After School Club costs £13.50 per session, and closes at 6.15pm.

The Clubs run five days a week during term-time only. 


The Breakfast and After School Clubs run a wide-ranging programme of activities, themed around a variety of topics throughout the year.

Activities are planned to coincide with national occasions, sporting and cultural events and religious festivals, and designed to expand the children's knowledge and understanding of the world.  We consider the children's interests and abilities and take care to include opportunities to practise fine and gross motor skills, extend creative interests and develop numeracy and literacy.

The Clubs offer a range of toys including board games, construction toys, small-world and role-play resources.  Books are available for the children to read and listen to. 


Drawing and sticking activities are always available and craft activities change daily.  These may include collage, fabric-painting, clay, jewellery-making, printing and sewing. 


The children are given opportunities to engage in science experiments such as building balloon-powered vehicles or caring for stick insects.  They also help tend our garden, taste edible plants they have grown and follow simple recipes.  Sand and water play are available outside in warmer weather. 


Other activities may include singing and dancing, yoga and meditation, playing a variety of sports such as football, tennis or bench-ball, enjoying group games and quizzes, or watching a film together.

We are always looking for new ideas and love to welcome visitors, so please let us know if you can offer any skills to add to our activities.

Children in the garden
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