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Family Feedback

Recent comments received from parents and carers:

The staff are exceptional; welcoming and friendly.

My child loves going to the after school club and particularly enjoys the arts and crafts sessions.  I know she is in good caring hands and a very safe environment during the time I am working.

I have been supported and always felt like I can approach the management with any help I might need regarding my child.

The club is a great help for busy parents.  The quality of care is excellent and the price is affordable.  I would highly recommend the club to other parents within the school.

The staff are very attentive and knowledgeable.

My child likes the club because he interacts with

children from other year groups.

The indoor and outdoor areas are very good and very well kept.

Recent children's comments:

I feel happy because everyone is kind and cares for each other.

I feel very safe because the adults that look after us are very reliable.

I really enjoy drawing and playing fun games with my friends.

I really like the snacks they provide for us because my taste buds say so!

The food is really good and I find it amazing!

After School Club is the best!

I like when we all come together and do really fun things.

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