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After School Club for Early Years

Children in the Nursery and Reception enjoy lots of fun activities in the Early Years After School Club. Our staff are experienced practitioners who take pride in planning fun and engaging activities every day. This allows our children to expand their experiences of the world whilst leaving plenty of time for them to follow their own interests. Outdoor play is an important part of our provision and we try to get out whatever the weather! Small world play, such as this colourful set-up, is popular with many of the children. We are never put off by making a bit of a mess! Look at the volcanoes we made - we used a mixture of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to make them 'erupt'. The children

Celebrating harvest

The children have been learning all about the harvest season and how fruit and vegetables are grown. We have made scarecrows using prickly hay and straw.. Drawn autumn produce including fat, orange pumpkins... Set up our role play area as a greengrocers... Printed using potatoes, carrots and peppers... And enjoyed story time all together.

Amazing Autumn

The children in Breakfast Club have been investigating the signs of autumn. We have collected conkers and fallen leaves to look at and touch. The children have also been painting using autumnal colours. They used a variety of tools including brushes and sponges to create textures for spiky hedgehogs and fluffy squirrel tails. We discussed how animal behaviours change with teh seasons and tried to think of as many animals as possible that hibernate until spring.

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